SAP Audit Management Powered by HANA

Transform audit. Move beyond Assurance.

SAP Audit Management Scope

 Why SAP AM? The Big Picture.

Streamline audits
by leveraging technology
to create, organise,
and share working papers.

Audit Management is an enterprise platform for internal audit management. It is an addition to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offering dedicated to internal audit modules.

SAP Audit Management Scope

SAP Audit Management offers a value proposition based in streamlined audit planning and execution as well as integration with and deeper contributions to enterprise risk management as well as control and compliance management. SAP’s solution stands out by offering the SAP HANA in-memory database and integration with SAP Fraud Management, SAP GRC Process Control and SAP GRC Risk Management. The resulting solution focuses on audit process management with added support for rapid review and analysis of heterogeneous data sets. This combination of capabilities offers a key differentiator for SAP in a solution landscape primarily focused on audit planning and execution.

Positioning Audit Management

SAP AM has been developed and posited in line with overall SAP products roadmap:

SAP Audit Management Scope

Automate non-negotiable assurance activities:
Streamline and unlock working papers, sharpen audit planning with risk based tools and increase productivity with mobile capabilities.
Integrate and align for continues assurance:
Integrate Audit Management with SAP GRC solutions to focus on critical business risks and with ERP systems and monitor controls and shift from periodic to continues assurance.
Shift internal audit from policeman to trusted advisor:
Leverage SAP Analytics and SAP HANA to monitor enterprise level issues and uncover new business opportunities.

SAP Audit Management Three Core Differentiating Features

Audit Management.
The foundation of the solution is a flexible project management and collaboration platform for internal audits.
Visibility to
Enterprise Risk
SAP Audit Management integrates with SAP GRC Risk Management and SAP GRC Process Control to ensure that audits are aligned to top enterprise risks.
HANA Foundation.
SAP Audit Management is built on SAP’s HANA in-memory database. This enhances Audit Management’s search capabilities, helping users to locate information distributed across large and diverse sets of applications and documents in very little time.

SAP Audit Management Scope

What this solution is specifically designed to accomplish:

Elevate the impact of audit efforts
by using technology
to provide insight
on key business risks.

  • Create a state-of-the art UI to provide easy to use audit software;
  • Provide centralised audit data storage and a data model covering end-to-end audit processes with a risk-based approach;
  • Shift from functional audit solution approach to collaborative software increasing the effectiveness of audit experts and increasing stakeholder engagement;
  • Allow unstructured data search to release available information from audit work papers;
  • Streamline working paper management with drag and drop, off-line capability;
  • Create a fully mobile enabled solution – audit with any device – anywhere;
  • Leverage automated deployment on the cloud with SAP HANA;
  • Integrate with SAP GRC solutions and big data capabilities to transform audit.

SAP Audit Management – Capabilities Delivered

Amplify the influence
and value of internal audit
by using next generation analytics
to provide advice
beyond the obvious.

  • Full coverage of audit process: Plan, Prepare, Perform, Communicate, Monitor;
  • Flexible Audit Universe provides a single source of all audit functionality and a global monitor of audit requests;
  • Powerful Working Paper Management – working papers created simply via drag and drop and accessed with a single click, enabling manager review;
  • Global monitoring of findings and follow-ups;
  • Mobile capability (voice, photo, video, document) to instantly capture audit evidence, enabling easy access to end-to-end process on multiple devices;
  • Search capability reaches all audit data via a simple search and one click;
  • Intuitive and user friendly interfaces;
  • General conformance to IIA Standards.

Business Benefits

of audit planning
and prioritization
  • Maximise of % of productive time per auditor
  • Increase in use of working papers and documentation for planning and reporting
  • Decrease in total staff time per audit
and frequency
of audit completion
  • Reduction in audit cycle time (Initiate to report)
  • Rapid search
  • Review of large volumes of heterogeneous data
to deeper
  • Linkages between audit and risk management
  • Linkages between audit and fraud management
  • Linkages between audit and process control

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