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Speed Time-to-Value with SAP-qualified implementation services SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

Rapid Deployment Solutions = SAP + Simple + Fast

Faster than Competition

Meet Compliance

Simple Scaleable Speedy

User Acceptance

Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) offers a new level of simplicity in deploying SAP solutions that are modular, yet integrated, addressing specific business needs in an industry, line of business or technology topic i.e. Mobile, Cloud, In-Memory, or Analytics.

  • Customers can move forward with clearly priced ans scoped implementation services - measured in just weeks - for maximum solution predictability and lower risk.
  • SAP RDS ensures our clients get just what they need, when they need it, while unlocking a path to future innovation through over 100 pre-integrated, yet modular solutions across LoB, Industry, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Database & Technology (including SAP HANA) solutions.
  • Our customers can choose deployment across all environments - on-premise, cloud, mobile, and hybrid deployments (integrated SAP on-premise and cloud) - to quickly and incrementally adopt new business functionality and innovations within a landscape that is consistent, sustainable and integrated.

SAP Launch Overview

The prescriptive, repeatable process enables to rapidly configure, test and launch our cloud solutions with our customers. By using SAP Launch as implementation methodology, we help to ensure project efficiency and customer success.

SAP RDS Launch Methodology

Implementation Methodology for Cloud

"SAP Launch” is the methodology now universal for all SAP software as a service (SaaS) solutions. The SAP Launch methodology is used to implement SuccessFactors, Ariba, Cloud for Customer, Business ByDesign and Cloud for Travel and Expense solutions.

SAP Launch is THE implementation methodology that is applied universally across all SAP software-as-a-service (SaaS) implementations. It prescribes what implementation activities must be performed and the resulting deliverables.

The Delivery Toolkit provides solution-specific workshops and tools which guide project team members through how to execute the methodology.

SAP RDS Launch Methodology

Quality Gate Objectives

  • The first Q-Gate, Project Verification, ensures that all stakeholders agree about the implementation project scope.
  • At the end of the Realize phase, the Solution Acceptance Q-Gate confirms that all stakeholders agree that the demonstrated business processes meet the implementation project requirements and that all configuration questions are addressed.
  • The Readiness Acceptance Q-Gate is when all stakeholders agree that the systems, data and people are ready to execute cutover.
  • Lastly, the Go-Live Q-Gate confirms with all stakeholders that the cutover is complete and the organization is ready to use and support the new solution productively.

SAP RDS Launch Methodology

SAP SME Solutions

SAP AnyWhere – For Small Businesses up to 50 Employees

SAP Business One –
For Small and Growing Businesses and Subsidiaries of Large Enterprises

SAP Business ByDesign –
For SME’s of Any Size and Subsidiaries of Larger Corporations

SAP Business All-in-OneFor Midsize Companies

21st Century Architecture

Capabilities You Need

SAP HANA Platform

No pre-aggregation of transactional data
Near zero downtime
Faster transactional and analytics performance on one platform
Advanced geospatial and predictive analytics
Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
Faster reporting directly on transactional system
Viable, feasible and affordable advanced technology

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Enhanced core processes including procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, sales and distribution, services, and digital boardroom
Personalized and consistent end-to-end customer experience
Immediate insight in the moment at all levels of granularity
Predictive, IoT-driven capabilities to optimize asset utilization
Engaging user experience with near zero response times

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Capabilities on the Edge

Open APIs and micro-services to accelerate customer and partner innovation, with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Ability to go beyond the boundaries of your enterprise and connect to suppliers, extended workforce, customers and the IoT
Tight data and applications security
Cloud option to accelerate adoption
Advanced analytics platform

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SAP Consulting

Helps you to develop strategies for success
Puts your strategies into action, quickly and effectively
Gets the very best out of your SAP solutions
Delivers firsthand knowledge of SAP's business & technology innovations
Leverages best-practices methodologies and world class project management skills to maximize the value of your software
Maximizes benefits through process optimization
Finds new ways of continues enhancing efficiency

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SAP C4C Empowered Customers

SAP C4C Our Approach

SAP Hybris Case Studies

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