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The Internet of Things

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We have accelerated our services to help the customers with the realization of the digital enterprise with game-changing engagements delivering IoT and SAP solutions both designed for industry, with predictive analytics to manage Big Data and connected intelligent social and business networks, all are on AWS cloud.

We have developed Device-to-Gateway framework to connect IoT devices. Device-to-Gateway assumes device-to-application-layer gateway (ALG) service as a conduct to reach a cloud service. Its larger role is to address interoperability challenges among IoT devices.

To address this challenge, Vinci Solutions has added an API, an application software operating on a local gateway, to the process that acts as an intermediary between the devices and the cloud service and provides networking, security and other functionality such as data and protocol translation.

This application is also necessary to integrate new smart devices data into a legacy system such as SAP as well as with devices that are not natively interoperable with them.

Internet Of Things – How It Works


What we offer

The Internet of Things HW19 Infrastructure
The Internet of Things HW19 Analytics Empowered by SAP HANA
The Internet of Things HW19 Security
The Internet of Things HW19 Services
The Internet of Things HW19 Green Office

Internet Of Things – Area of Applications

Building Automation

Light (IR, visible) | Temperature Chemical (CO2)

Healthcare & Life Science

Pressure | Temperature | Chemical Light (IR, X-Ray) | Bio Sensors | Inertial

Consumer & Home automation

Gyroscope | Accelero | Magneto | Pressure Temperature | Chemical


Pressure | Light (IR, Optical) Chemical | Temperature | Hall Effect

Retail & Logistics

Light (IR/Optical) | Pressure Temperature | Chemical | Magneto


Gyroscope | Accelero | Magneto Chemical | Pressure | Temperature


Chemical | Temperature Light (IR, visible) | Pressure | Humidity

Security & Public Safety

Gyro | Accelero | Magneto Chemical | Light (IR,XRay,THz)

Internet Of Things – Business Cases


secure people, buildings, assets or information

Firearm & Security Vehicle Accident & Emergency Monitoring
Security Camera & Time Clocking Guard Monitoring & Tracking


patient, staff & medical equipment monitoring

Inpatient / Outpatient Clinical Alarms
Surgeries Medical staff cooperation


time & attendance, stock, buying trends & shopping habits

Parking Management System Shopping Centre Solutions
Floor Counters Electronic Coupon & Loyalty System

HW19 Green Office


Vinci Solutions has successfully developed HW19 Green Office BMS (Building Management Solution) based on Dell Gateway 5500 and Lutron Sensory system.

The connection between two devices has been developed and API created to pass the operational data on the cloud.

The SAP business intelligence dashboards have been added to the business solution to allow the customers to analyze and visualize a volume of data sets coming from multiple sources both external and internal.


Internet Of Things – Key Benefits

Saves electricity, water and protects environment

By managing energy use


Creates a total management processes for maintenance and operational teams

By configuring control and sensors


Saves money & increase profit

By reducing energy and maintenance costs


Increases productivities

By allowing employees/customers/partners/tenants to control their lighting environment


21st Century Architecture

Capabilities You Need

SAP HANA Platform

No pre-aggregation of transactional data
Near zero downtime
Faster transactional and analytics performance on one platform
Advanced geospatial and predictive analytics
Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
Faster reporting directly on transactional system
Viable, feasible and affordable advanced technology

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Enhanced core processes including procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, sales and distribution, services, and digital boardroom
Personalized and consistent end-to-end customer experience
Immediate insight in the moment at all levels of granularity
Predictive, IoT-driven capabilities to optimize asset utilization
Engaging user experience with near zero response times

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Capabilities on the Edge

Open APIs and micro-services to accelerate customer and partner innovation, with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Ability to go beyond the boundaries of your enterprise and connect to suppliers, extended workforce, customers and the IoT
Tight data and applications security
Cloud option to accelerate adoption
Advanced analytics platform

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SAP C4C Our Approach

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