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Redefining Outsourcing

In today's fiercely contested markets, there's no room for costly and inflexible IT. The software solutions, technology deployed and human capital expertise, which are underpinning your mission-critical processes, must deliver on their promises. That is why nowadays the enterprises place their trust in IT Outsourcing, the 21st Century' leading concept, to ensure availability, quality and diversity of IT resources.

There is more to a complete IT Outsourcing contract than a software, hardware and SLA. It takes specialist advise and assistance to get the very best services from your outsourcing partner.

in UAE

is a common delivery model for many business applications including customer relationship management (CRM), management information systems (MIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM), content management (CM) and service desk management.

The biggest selling point for this model is its potential to reduce IT operational costs and capital investments by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to an IT provider with relevant expertise.

Our choice of outsourcing partner turned out to be the right one: despite the time constraints, the implementation was on time, within budget, and of high quality.

Why outsource your IT?

  • Supports entire business;
  • Supports for greater efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs;
  • Brings standardized business processes;
  • Ensures scalable and flexible technology and software solutions;
  • Minimizes risks of availability and uptime.

Why Vinci?

As part of our mission we provide cloud solutions that are end-to-end portfolio, elastic, on-demand and flexible.

Our comprehensive product service list encompasses the entire business solution life cycle. During the planning stage, we provide the research and analysis required to reach sound strategic IT decisions. Our experts ensure that your software, required hardware and associated change management solutions are delivered on time, on scope, and on budget.

Once your set of solutions are in place, software and hardware optimization process kicks off to make sure all deliver maximum value during ongoing operations.

At all stages, we give you the facts and figures needed to mitigate risk, minimize total cost of ownership (TCO), and maximize your return on your investment (ROI).

"With a matter of weeks, the team from Vinci successfully piloted a demanding project and truly established itself as a strategic partner."

Our capabilities include:

  • Database Administration;
  • ERP Solution Maintenance and Administration (SAP ERP, SAP CRM/SRM, SAP GRC);
  • Operating System Upgrades and Administration;
  • System Backup and Recovery;
  • Systems Management Tools.

SAP Outsourcing & Remote Support Service

Vinci Solutions provide a full fledged SAP outsourcing services as well as a remote SAP support service that offers rapid expert advice to ensure you see fast return on your investment. Both offerings will cut out the additional costs and time delays of finding special skills and necessary experience and bringing them in and up to speed.

SAP Outsourcing

Prior taking the maintenance and support services contract on, our SAP business experts will build a detailed map of your SAP environment and business processes. This knowledge and gathered functional and technical details will ensure that we are always able to provide you with a high level of quality support and respond to your queries faster.

"Through the close collaboration between SAP consulting, product development, and support, we now have an IT solution that secures our investment long term.

SAP Remote Support

This is the highest level of service to our customers who will benefit from the support of our SAP experts with hands on experience. Questions and issues are sent in an "as required" manner and answered by Vinci Solutions support consultant with speed, accuracy and completeness.

Getting it right -
Using proven tools and methodologies.

Best practices available as :

Why to UAE?

Since its independence, when the UAE made its ongoing commitment to maintaining peace, stability and security in region, UAE has been enjoining an enviable degree of political stability, unequaled in the region.

UAE has gained a reputation of the country that has achieved a balance between promoting and protecting the business environment on one hand, and instituting efficient operational procedures on the other, so that UAE reaches up the international level.

Benefits of running business in UAE:

  • Low operational costs but with high attention to quality of service;
  • Security & Stability in economical and political environment;
  • Government Support;
  • Dubai Expo 2020 as a key meeting point for the global community.

21st Century Architecture

Capabilities You Need

SAP HANA Platform

No pre-aggregation of transactional data
Near zero downtime
Faster transactional and analytics performance on one platform
Advanced geospatial and predictive analytics
Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
Faster reporting directly on transactional system
Viable, feasible and affordable advanced technology

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Enhanced core processes including procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, sales and distribution, services, and digital boardroom
Personalized and consistent end-to-end customer experience
Immediate insight in the moment at all levels of granularity
Predictive, IoT-driven capabilities to optimize asset utilization
Engaging user experience with near zero response times

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Capabilities on the Edge

Open APIs and micro-services to accelerate customer and partner innovation, with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Ability to go beyond the boundaries of your enterprise and connect to suppliers, extended workforce, customers and the IoT
Tight data and applications security
Cloud option to accelerate adoption
Advanced analytics platform

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Corporate SAP Training


Expands Skills with Corporate SAP Functional and Technical Training

Fixed Contract | Variable number of days of training | Flexible Schedule

In cooperation with Professional Accountancy and Center (PAC) in Dubai, Vinci Solutions offer an affordable Corporate SAP Training Courses that can help you harness the full value of your SAP investments.

Our variety of Corporate SAP Training Programs allows your employees to obtain necessary, or refresh and enhance current functional and technical skills, both will benefit your business, stimulating innovation and growth through knowledge management.

As a result, you can make actionable decisions more confidently, as you will make the organization's best problem-solving experiences reusable and be able to share insights across the organization and around the globe instantaneously.


Mobile: +971 (0)55 210-0668 Office: +971 (0)4 388-1701


Mezzanine Floor 07 & 08, Al Tayer Building, Al Wasl, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

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SAP C4C Our Approach

SAP Hybris Case Studies

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