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With SAP Hybris you can plan and execute personalized loyalty programs and rewards, capture customer insights through loyalty programs and leverage the insights to deliver relevant loyalty marketing engagements and convert customer into loyal brand advocates.


  • Create multichannel loyalty programs that transform points and rewards into true customer loyalty;
  • Improve customer retention rates and increase customer lifetime values;
  • Encourage brand advocacy and referrals through social channels; and
  • Mobile first approach, so we place a lot of focus on geomarketing and mobile wallets.

SAP Hybris Commerce Loyalty

Key Features


Support custom actions in loyalty rules

Allows marketer to take custom actions (ex: send an SMS, trigger external system) when rule conditions are satisfied.

Support for multi-language and multi-currency

Enables marketer to send offers, emails, so on in the language preferred by consumer.

Rule status management

Allows marketer to enable or disable a rule.

Enhanced enrolment channels

Allows consumers to enroll for loyalty program based on mobile number too.

Set maximum points to be accrued in a day per member

Enables marketer to prevent fraud by setting a maximum threshold on points a member can accumulate in a day.

Offer integration between Hybris Loyalty and Hybris Marketing

Enables marketer to define offers in Loyalty system, and import them into Hybris Marketing system for advanced targeting capabilities.

Offer Management

Empowers marketer to create and send offers to customers mobile devices or email.

Geomarketing: iBeacons and Geofences

Enables marketer to maintain geo-location attributes for sending location based offers.

Mobile Wallet: Digital loyalty card and coupons

Liberates consumers from carrying physical loyalty card and coupons.

Improved user experience

More enriching and engaging experience while using loyalty solution.

Hybris Commerce (ECP): Referral, Rating & Review

Hybris commerce storefront users can now refer friends, provide rating & review.

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21st Century Architecture

Capabilities You Need

SAP HANA Platform

No pre-aggregation of transactional data
Near zero downtime
Faster transactional and analytics performance on one platform
Advanced geospatial and predictive analytics
Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
Faster reporting directly on transactional system
Viable, feasible and affordable advanced technology

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Enhanced core processes including procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, sales and distribution, services, and digital boardroom
Personalized and consistent end-to-end customer experience
Immediate insight in the moment at all levels of granularity
Predictive, IoT-driven capabilities to optimize asset utilization
Engaging user experience with near zero response times

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Capabilities on the Edge

Open APIs and micro-services to accelerate customer and partner innovation, with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Ability to go beyond the boundaries of your enterprise and connect to suppliers, extended workforce, customers and the IoT
Tight data and applications security
Cloud option to accelerate adoption
Advanced analytics platform

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