Vinci Solutions has won 2016 Middle East Business Awards as BEST SME SAP INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS PROVIDER.

2016 Middle East Business Awards

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Technology Plugged In With Vinci Solutions

At Vinci Solutions we believe in a swift way of delivery of the IT services with high quality and integrity.
With increasingly high demand of security, quality of the data and ability to extract business intelligence out of it we are inspired to be top performer to provide best back-end system in the world.
Our strategy is to become Number 1 Global SAP ERP Deliverer.

Strong Foundation - Back-End System

It is digital era we live in now. 2016 year is to shortly be called unprecedented year of the history, an infection point which left information age behind and brought mankind into a new age.
We have all seen transformative digital layers as front-end products, which are following user-centered design (UCD) practices. Today design and user experience are the main focus of the developers who deliver breakthroughs in application architecture and game-changing user online journeys.
However the grand part of this success still remains with the quality of the data of the back-end database collected accurately, fully and on-time by ERP system. This is what we do as our best. We setup a foundation, solid pillars, a firm base. We provide a ground work, nuts and bolts as you wish, to the companies to ensure the success of swift start off into their future roadmap with secured strategies of mobility, business intelligence, higher security and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Even though that front-end technologies change and evolve quickly our staff is well trained in the newest products, models and standards.
We deliver SAP ERP on HANA platform which is the leading product in the market. In-memory technology coupled with comprehensive functionality make this preposition unique and the best choice for the companies willing to go as full-fledged digital in the nearest future.
SAP ERP Industries of Specialty or Best Practices: Manufacturing, Construction and Trading

How We Deliver

In 3-4 months’ time we setup SAP Best Practises at the fixed price. The goal of our work for a back-end system installation is to do it quickly and automatically with less efforts for user testing, which gives more time for master data preparation and migration tasks as well as for the users training. Also our consultants at earlier stage are working closely with front-end designers, which leads to making the final products of digital transformation a reality for our clients significantly sooner. 

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