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SAP GRC Product Overview

By utilizing SAP GRC Product range the organizations gain a clear understanding of the enterprise control matrix, the ability to identify critical control gaps, maximize opportunities to use automated process controls, consolidate to eliminate redundancies, and, ultimately, increase business predictability and shareholder value.

SAP GRC Access Control

SAP GRC Access Control provides central management of Segregation of Duties (SOD) and Firefighter IDs access across multiple ERP systems.

Access Risk
  • Simplifies remediation and mitigation processes;
  • Manages and assigns compensating controls.
Access Request
  • Enables "Business Concept" within the role design and provisioning process;
  • Automates user provisioning and incorporates Access Risk Analysis into the process.
Emergency Access
  • Streamlines temporary super-user access by adding workflow;
  • Addresses the issue of managing elevated levels of user access when dealing with an exceptional situation;
  • Enables audit log for actions taken by the user with elevated access.
Business Role
  • Provides a streamlined and controlled process for the design, development and deployment of compliant roles;
  • Helps at an early stage to ensure that role configuration changes do not lead to access violations in the production system.

SAP GRC Process Control

SAP GRC Process Control enables automated monitoring of controls and workflow alerts.

  • Includes monitoring of transactional records and configuration;
  • Provides capabilities around content life-cycle management (CLM).

SAP GRC Risk Management

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SAP GRC Risk Management brings risks and controls together, integrating Access Control and Process Control into a single platform from which the summarized view of business process and their respective automated controls could be reported, evaluated and enhanced.

  • Transforms Risk Management program into a routine of business activities, embedding risk management into the core business processes of strategic planning, execution, monitoring, and analysis.
  • Helps establish Risk Management as a management discipline offering the methods and processes to identify, assess, measure, and monitor risks within the business.

SAP Help Portal: http://help.sap.com/grc


The SAP GRC Process Control application provides a control management solution that integrates end-to-end financial compliance activities – from documenting business processes and identifying risks to deploying the right controls, testing them, and, ultimately, providing the confidence for management certification.

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