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SAP Hybris Travel Accelerator

Based on
OTA industry standard
of transport providers:
air, rail, bus, cruise & ferry

Key Features:

Fully responsive storefront featuring a landing page, travel search, fare selection, ancillaries, customer login, passenger details, payment, booking management, flight status, trip finder and customer login/registration.
Fare selection page with search results and dynamically updating itinerary basket.
Ancillary selection page with the ability to add supplementary products (flight meal options, seat selector, lounge access, fare upgrades etc.) to the itinerary.
Ability for customers to login or create an account with a passenger profile complete with preferences.
Ability for customers to manage their bookings, check flight status, search for past or upcoming bookings and update their profile.
Integrated Assisted Service Module (ASM) so customer service agents can offer product support and help complete transactions for customers directly from their basket.
Back office cockpits with business administration interfaces for creating and managing products, flight schedules, bundles, promotions and business rules.

Key Benefits:

A first class, consistent customer experience across all channels with seamless transitions between devices.
Improved conversion rates with fully responsive storefront and context based content management.
Bundling and promotional capabilities for offers across customer segments and channels.
Ability to develop IATA NDC direct connect initiatives to agencies, corporates and B2B partners.
Exceptional customer service and support for complex bookings.

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21st Century Architecture

Capabilities You Need

SAP HANA Platform

No pre-aggregation of transactional data
Near zero downtime
Faster transactional and analytics performance on one platform
Advanced geospatial and predictive analytics
Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
Faster reporting directly on transactional system
Viable, feasible and affordable advanced technology

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Enhanced core processes including procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, sales and distribution, services, and digital boardroom
Personalized and consistent end-to-end customer experience
Immediate insight in the moment at all levels of granularity
Predictive, IoT-driven capabilities to optimize asset utilization
Engaging user experience with near zero response times

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Capabilities on the Edge

Open APIs and micro-services to accelerate customer and partner innovation, with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Ability to go beyond the boundaries of your enterprise and connect to suppliers, extended workforce, customers and the IoT
Tight data and applications security
Cloud option to accelerate adoption
Advanced analytics platform

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