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    We are an international, passionate team of SAP consultants with a proven record of managing SAP rollouts, implementations and consulting projects. We are committed to bring the depth of SAP software expertise to the job.

    At Vinci Solutions we feel that our services whether rapid SAP All In One Implementation or various IT consulting represent what we consider to be very best expert assistance for your business success.

    Our Philosophy

    Effective knowledge transfer is at the heart of our philosophy, our clients can count on gaining the skills required to take full control of IT environment reducing total cost of ownership and maximizing return on investment.

    From solution planning to implementation and ongoing operations, when you partner with Vinci Solution, you can be sure of getting the right advice for your business, no matter where and when you need it.

    SAP Managed Services

    Reduce IT Costs

    Reduce the production costs of running IT services in-house.

    We provide sufficient skill set, technology solutions and maintenance support services to help you to save money, and win the competitive market.

    QARAT SAP S/4HANA Solutions

    SAP Fast-Track

    Have a system that has a flexibility to adopt as your business expands.

    We provide the fast-start program for Small and Midsize Companies by creating affordable and flexible solutions. We help you to obtain an estimate of SAP project costs and implement the solution quickly and cost-effectively.

    SAP Optimisation Review

    SAP Optimisation

    Achieve a better balance between people, process, information and technology.

    We can help you today as it is the right time to optimize your business processes and maximize the potential of your existing SAP system and make them work together in sync. As a result of our SAP Optimisation Review you will embrace more SAP functionality to empower other business processes.

    SAP Training Programs

    SAP Training

    Target to address users’ justifiable concerns and improve their use of SAP through SAP Training Programs.

    Through knowledge transfer and staying close to the customer's core team we aim to help you achieve real self-sufficiency.

    SAP GRC Implementation

    Governance Risk

    Secure Financial Applications Systems for SOX Compliance.

    Implementing four components of SAP GRC Access Control:

    • Access Risk Analysis (ARA) aka Compliance Calibrator
    • Access Request Management (ARM) aka Access Reinforcer
    • Emergency Access Management (EAM) aka Firefighter
    • Business Role Management (BRM) aka Role Expert
  • SAP Ariba

    Make Purchasing Easy


    For Users:
    “Amazon-like” buying experience
    Ordering and Self-Service Catalogue
    Customer Delight
    Flexible Approval

    People Expectations

    Clarity on roles and responsibilities
    Improved sourcing and customer focus
    Simpler and more comprehensive training

    Process Expectations

    More simplified and standardized processes

    For Technology:
    Standard Cloud Solution
    Reduced Risk and Cost of an outdated application
    Workflows and Analytics

    Technology Expectations

    Workflow Routing / Approval
    Automation / Self-Service
    System performance and usability

    In Scope:

    Defining and implementing a consistent business process aligning to Ariba’s standard capabilities and functionality.
    Architect, configure, testing and deployment of activities for the required Ariba modules:
    • Pay to Order
    • Contract Management Professional (with contract repository and approval workflow focus).
    Ariba platform design encompassing SIPM, Contracts Pro and Procure to Pay modules.
    Supplier enablement.
    Data cleansing prior to load into the new system and activities to load data.
    Configure network as required for Integration with SAP ECC.
    Connections to client systems - inbound and outbound.
    Security for single sign-on, system administration and mobile functionalities.
    SAP Basis Administrative tasks (e.g. backup/restore, Communications [Trust] etc.).
    Testing of Disaster Recovery systems.
    Documentation as required by project governance.
    Performance testing, monitoring and tuning.
    Applying patches and support packs (SAP and/or Ariba).
  • SAP Audit Management Powered by HANA

    Transform audit. Move beyond Assurance.

    SAP Audit Management Scope

     Why SAP AM? The Big Picture.

    Streamline audits
    by leveraging technology
    to create, organise,
    and share working papers.

    Audit Management is an enterprise platform for internal audit management. It is an addition to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offering dedicated to internal audit modules.

    SAP Audit Management Scope

    SAP Audit Management offers a value proposition based in streamlined audit planning and execution as well as integration with and deeper contributions to enterprise risk management as well as control and compliance management. SAP’s solution stands out by offering the SAP HANA in-memory database and integration with SAP Fraud Management, SAP GRC Process Control and SAP GRC Risk Management. The resulting solution focuses on audit process management with added support for rapid review and analysis of heterogeneous data sets. This combination of capabilities offers a key differentiator for SAP in a solution landscape primarily focused on audit planning and execution.

    Positioning Audit Management

    SAP AM has been developed and posited in line with overall SAP products roadmap:

    SAP Audit Management Scope

    Automate non-negotiable assurance activities:
    Streamline and unlock working papers, sharpen audit planning with risk based tools and increase productivity with mobile capabilities.
    Integrate and align for continues assurance:
    Integrate Audit Management with SAP GRC solutions to focus on critical business risks and with ERP systems and monitor controls and shift from periodic to continues assurance.
    Shift internal audit from policeman to trusted advisor:
    Leverage SAP Analytics and SAP HANA to monitor enterprise level issues and uncover new business opportunities.

    SAP Audit Management Three Core Differentiating Features

    Audit Management.
    The foundation of the solution is a flexible project management and collaboration platform for internal audits.
    Visibility to
    Enterprise Risk
    SAP Audit Management integrates with SAP GRC Risk Management and SAP GRC Process Control to ensure that audits are aligned to top enterprise risks.
    HANA Foundation.
    SAP Audit Management is built on SAP’s HANA in-memory database. This enhances Audit Management’s search capabilities, helping users to locate information distributed across large and diverse sets of applications and documents in very little time.

    SAP Audit Management Scope

    What this solution is specifically designed to accomplish:

    Elevate the impact of audit efforts
    by using technology
    to provide insight
    on key business risks.

    • Create a state-of-the art UI to provide easy to use audit software;
    • Provide centralised audit data storage and a data model covering end-to-end audit processes with a risk-based approach;
    • Shift from functional audit solution approach to collaborative software increasing the effectiveness of audit experts and increasing stakeholder engagement;
    • Allow unstructured data search to release available information from audit work papers;
    • Streamline working paper management with drag and drop, off-line capability;
    • Create a fully mobile enabled solution – audit with any device – anywhere;
    • Leverage automated deployment on the cloud with SAP HANA;
    • Integrate with SAP GRC solutions and big data capabilities to transform audit.

    SAP Audit Management – Capabilities Delivered

    Amplify the influence
    and value of internal audit
    by using next generation analytics
    to provide advice
    beyond the obvious.

    • Full coverage of audit process: Plan, Prepare, Perform, Communicate, Monitor;
    • Flexible Audit Universe provides a single source of all audit functionality and a global monitor of audit requests;
    • Powerful Working Paper Management – working papers created simply via drag and drop and accessed with a single click, enabling manager review;
    • Global monitoring of findings and follow-ups;
    • Mobile capability (voice, photo, video, document) to instantly capture audit evidence, enabling easy access to end-to-end process on multiple devices;
    • Search capability reaches all audit data via a simple search and one click;
    • Intuitive and user friendly interfaces;
    • General conformance to IIA Standards.

    Business Benefits

    of audit planning
    and prioritization
    • Maximise of % of productive time per auditor
    • Increase in use of working papers and documentation for planning and reporting
    • Decrease in total staff time per audit
    and frequency
    of audit completion
    • Reduction in audit cycle time (Initiate to report)
    • Rapid search
    • Review of large volumes of heterogeneous data
    to deeper
    • Linkages between audit and risk management
    • Linkages between audit and fraud management
    • Linkages between audit and process control
  • SAP AWS Managed Services


    AWSVinci Solutions are an Amazon Consulting partner who can provide the expertise and know how helping business migrate their IT services and application to the cloud. Our solution architects have a wealth of experience in supporting our customer’s needs. we offer a wide range of professional services from Proof of concept to full service rollout with project management.

    While deploying and running your SAP landscape on AWS we ensure the best practices for achieving optimal performance, availability, and reliability, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Small and medium companies are starting to recognise clear advantages of hosted SAP solution as the financials investment and overhead of owning, maintaining server and applications in house is significant.

    SAP S/4HANA / Business All-in-One by Vinci Solutions is a fully hosted solution where we deploy the solution and provide on-going support; you simply lease our services for an annual fee.

    Strategically, virtualization leads inexorably down a path to agility, flexible sourcing and cloud computing. ~ Tom Bittman, Gartner

    Why with Us

    Host SAP with us and you will gain a full IT services ranging from deploying SAP Solutions to on-going support. That way you will minimize IT staff dedicated to supporting on-site SAP business solutions.

    You host SAP system with us which will allow your application architects and managers to work on innovations that will help the company's bottom line. We will plan and design scalable architectures to help reduce operational costs such as maintenance expenditures. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) will address issues such as how problems will be escalated to the provider and eventually resolved in a timely fashion. It will include disaster recovery plans and uptime requirements.

    How is SAP hosted solution deployed and supported?

    • We host the software on our servers, and your users access it remotely via the internet.
    • Each of our customers will have their own dedicated server and database of their choice with full transaction logging and security enabled.

    Benefits of an SAP hosted solutions are:

    Secure, proven, reliable data
    Server with 99% plus performance uptime.
    Minimal up-front investment
    You have no expensive hardware start-up costs. You get all the infrastructure and services in a flat annual fee
    High quality service at low cost
    You get the benefits of powerful hardware, network infrastructure, software upgrades, expert technical staff, and security solutions that many mid-companies could not afford to maintain on their own.
    Expert technical and SAP consultancy services
    Vinci Solutions technical support is provided to resolve any Server or SAP related problems. Professional Services are available as a separate service to help you further enhance your SAP functionality, or provide training.

    Act Today

    • Your business will have a flexible, manageable application environment with benefits of a service-oriented architecture and shared infrastructure.
    • Your SAP application will be based on a highly reliable and lower cost systems-based platform.
    • With SAP Business All in One Template solution your business will be up to the functional level of modern applications.

    Fast Deployment and Hosting

    We specialize in setting up industry template solution based on SAP Best Practices. In 3-4 months you will get full-fledged scope of system solutions covering an entire supply chain. We deliver the following industries' setup:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation

    SAP Can Help You Gain Efficiency and Transparency Now

    Save time and reduce errors with a single,
    integrated solution for planning and consolidation.

    Your company can now meet legal and management consolidation and reporting requirements through a fast close process. SAP BPC acts as central data repository that collects up-to-date actual from your heterogeneous operational systems, giving you instant access to harmonized charts of accounts. This shaves weeks off your consolidation process and supports compliance with regulatory mandates, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, IFRS, GAAP and company specific accounting rules and regulations. You gain a single, centralized view of performance data and can instantly generate all the financial statements with KPIs and variance comparisons with Plans, Budgets and Forecasts.

    Guide users and drive process consistency
    with configurable business process flows.

    Going beyond financial reporting per subsidiary, and group, SAP BPC aligns your corporate team in all the budgeting, planning and forecasting activities from division level. Tailored driver based planning and budgeting solutions can help your department collaborate through unified work flows. You can perform bottom-up and top-down financial and operational planning with a single application and user interface. You can collaborate on plans, manage stakeholder interactions, track versions and changes, engage managers in the planning process, and enable clear ownership and accountability. What-if modeling and scenario-planning functions enable assessment of budgeting reasonability in real time.

    Efficient Planning, Budgeting & Consolidation - Fast, Accurate Close

    Familiar and easy to use:
    Increase user adoption with a solution that leverages
    native MS Office tools and web browsers.

    Streamlined planning and
    a faster, more compliant close.

    Business Planning:
    • Budgeting
    • Capital expenditure planning
    • Headcount/staffing
    • Expense planning (OPEX and CAPEX)
    • Production Planning
    • Inter-company matching/reconciliation
    • Inter-company eliminations
    • Currency conversion
    • Legal consolidation
    Forecasting and modeling:
    • Cash flow models
    • Rolling forecasts
    • Profitability models
    Financial reporting and analysis:
    • Ad hoc query and reporting
    • Automated variance analysis
    • Driver analysis (industry, growth, etc.)

    How we work



    SAP Cloud for Customer

    Engage Customer Like Never Before

    Over a recent five-year period during which the S&P 500 was flat, a stock portfolio of customer experience leaders grew 22%. During this time, Forrester found that those companies who performed poorest in the Customer Experience Index also performed poorest in terms of stock performance.

    Industry Clouds

    Focus Industries

    • Industries prioritized based on CRM trends, SAP’s strengths, and customer demand
    • B2B and B2C focus industries
    • Initial delivery for Retail, Utilities, Consumer Products, IM&C
    • Roadmap for High Tech, Professional Services, Banking, Insurance, Chemicals
    • Leverage integration with SAP Business Suite assets

    Product Portfolio Overview & Architecture

     SAP C4C

    The right insight at the right time
    Specific to your industry
    Integrated to your enterprise
    With an experience that drives results


    Empowering the Modern Marketer

    DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS Capitalize on data driven insights and make intelligent business decisions to maximize the ROI.
    AGILE MARKETING Market with speed and precision and convert on market opportunities before they disappear.
    ENGAGING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES Deliver engaging customer experience seamlessly across multiple interaction channels.

    Business knows customer-led change
    is afoot, and that somehow it must deliver a
    joined-up, intelligence-led experience.


    Enabling the Strategic Seller

    SALES PRODUCTIVITY Engage in meaningful customer conversations, and deliver the right impact every time from anywhere with complete customer intelligence.
    SALES PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Turn sales strategy into action by guiding and coaching sellers to ways to increase revenue, and exceed goals and objectives.
    SMARTER SELLING WITH PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS Ensure sellers are focusing on the right leads and engaging with the key influencers to maximize the chance of success.
    COLLABORATIVE SELLING Make every sales interaction count by connecting sellers and customers with the right content, insights, and experts at every stage of the deal.

    It doesn’t matter what industry it originates in.
    Once customers experience the best,
    they soon expect it from everyone.

    Customer Service

    Delivering Service Excellenece

    OMNI-CHANNEL CONTACT CENTER Respond to customer queries on any communication channel and resolve issues on the first attempt – for increased customer satisfaction and reduced service costs.
    FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT Optimize your field service operations and reduce service delivery costs with end-to-end, integrated processes that boost efficiency.

     SAP C4C

    We know from our personal lives how
    much we’ll share with the brands
    we care about and trust...
    but also how few earn this privilege.


    Connect Employees and
    Customer Online

    SOCIAL IN CONTEXT Be social and collaborate in the context of business processes whether on external social media or within your enterprise.
    DEEP INSIGHTS Understand customers and concepts by turning social media buzz into insight.
    SCALABLE ENGAGEMENT Grow your capacity, not your team with powerful tools to manage the scale and speed of social.
  • SAP Consulting

    Our specialist assistance ensures you get the very best out of your SAP application and maximize its value. We deliver firsthand knowledge of SAP’s business & technology innovations as well as provide an expert advise in aligning business processes with IT.

    • Helps you to develop strategies for success
    • Leverages best-practices methodologies and world class project management skills to maximize the value of your software

    Our expertise in best-practice methodologies and world class project management will help you to develop strategies for business success. We setup Best Practices or configure the system and processes and then implement your chosen set of modules. We perform tests to check for failures, migrate the data and provide hyper-care support when your business goes live. As part of maintenance period we make sure SAP system is running as planned.

    SAP Application & Mobile Development & Integration Services

    Puts your strategies into action, quickly and effectively

    Our SAP Application Development and Integration Services can help you retain the value of your applications by delivering service-oriented, enterprise-wide and mobile solutions.

    We use various integration technologies to support application-to-application integration and business-to-business process management among both SAP and non-SAP applications.

    • Delivers firsthand knowledge of SAP's business & technology innovations
    • Brings functional knowledge in the area FI/CO, MM/PP, Procurement, SD, SAP A1

    With our functional experts we offer customized aka on-demand training as well as standard SAP training for the employees to bring them up to speed.

    • Gets the very best out of your SAP solutions
    • Maximizes benefits through process optimization
    • Finds new ways of continues enhancing efficiency

    After performing a current system assessment we deliver the upgrades and improvements needed to accelerate company’s business performance. We study SAP architecture, sizing and coding. We develop a roadmap to implement needed upgrades for your technology and business systems.

    • Lets zero capital investments
    • Lowers operational costs
    • Increases up-time

    We provide application management services for our SAP clients that helps lower the client’s overall cost of their SAP environments and allow customers to concentrate on their core business. With these services we provide clients with the flexibility, cost control and service levels that the business demands from a virtual private cloud model.

  • SAP ERP Construction Template Webinar

    QARAT SAP ERP Construction Template

    Join Vinci Solutions webinar to know about QARAT SAP ERP Construction Template.

    Designed as fast-track solution for the benefits of progressive construction companies and forward-thinking contractors, QARAT is a set of Construction Industry Best Practices. It is affordable in terms of resources, quick to deploy, and easy to start with.

    on Monday starting on 28 April and ending on 30 June, 2014
    10:00 AM (GMT+04:00) Dubai for 30 minutes

    Download Webinar Preview:

    We care about building a Better Digital Future globally.

  • SAP Financial Accounting Courses

    Refresher Level I Essentials Level II Advanced
    Business Process

    Procure to Pay
    Order to Cash

    Case Study
    Procure to Pay
    Order to Cash

    General Ledger

    GL Entry Posting Aids

    Master Data
    Document Postings

    + Level I
    Case study
    Cash Journals
    Foreign Currency Revaluation

    Accounts Payable

    Invoice Posting Aids
    Payment Program

    Invoice Processing
    Manual Payment Processing
    GR/IR Management

    + Level I
    Case Study
    Payment Program
    Down payments
    Checks Management

    Accounts Receivable

    Invoice Posting Aids
    Payment Receipts

    Credit Management
    Invoice Processing
    Manual Payment Processing
    Customer Communication

    + Level I
    Case Study
    Bills of Exchange
    Bad Debts

  • SAP GRC Implementation

    The regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, require companies to document their business processes, identify risks and define controls to mitigate them, and regularly demonstrate the effectiveness of those controls.

    To comply with these regulations and to protect the integrity of the business data, the organizations need to go beyond the static documentation of internal controls to actively ensuring that they are effectively guarding against fraud and errors, while streamlining business processes to reduce costs and inefficiencies.

    Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) 2002 Act History

    • Known as the “Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act”.
    • Issued in as a response to a number of major corporate and accounting scandals Enron, Tyco International, WorldCom.
    • Since then SOX-type laws have been subsequently enacted in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Israel, India, South Africa, and Turkey.
    • Sections 3. Corporate Responsibility (accuracy and validity of FS) and 4. Enhanced Financial Disclosures (off balance sheet) are directly related to system functions.

    The most far-reaching reforms of American business practices since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Signed with comments from the US president Into Law

    Compliance and SOX. What’s it all about?


    • Greater scrutiny
    • Shareholder protection
    • Legal responsibility from the finance system (people, processes, and technology)


    • Increased visibility and control
    • Decreased cycle times
    • Improved forecasting accuracy and timeliness


    • Reduced costs
    • Greater transparency
    • Increased accuracy

    Controls Already Delivered by SAP


    Inherent Controls

    • Integrated balanced posting
    • Real time online data and Document Principle
    • Monitor questionable postings for review and approval
    • System retained transaction, program change, and configuration history
    • Internal controls structure monitoring

    Configurable Controls

    • Edit checks and tolerances
    • Required and system populated fields
    • Defaulted and predefined master data
    • Reason codes
    • User defined error/warning messages
    • Automatic integrated posting following predefined posting keys
    • Workflow

    Reporting Controls

    • Timely closing process monitoring capabilities
    • Delivered standard reports contained in easily accessible report tree
    • Context sensitive help
    • XBRL reporting capability
    • System supplied auditing capabilities
      • Audit trails
      • Changed document log
      • Document flow

    Security Controls (via SAP GRC)

    • Flexible user access and permissions to programs, transactions, tables, and fields
    • Both coarse and fine-grain authorization management including segregation of duties via comprehensive authorization mechanism
    • Detection and prevention of unauthorized access
    • Includes a Delivered toolkit to promote efficient, effective creation and maintenance of user profiles and assignments

    SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

    SAP GRC helps organizations enhance their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes. The product suite contains a set of tools which allow risk and compliance teams to effectively, proactively, and pervasively manage risks and controls within a single platform.

    SAP GRC is an advanced set of technology solution that enables you to turn your policies and procedures into automated processes, ensuring that policies do not simply exist on paper but are automatically implemented as part of your workflow.

    • Access Control (AC)
    • Process Control (PC)
    • Risk Management (RM)

    Are three integrated modules allowing pervasive risk management across business processes and user access activities by enhancing key automated monitoring and risk reporting capabilities.

    Vinci Solutions help organizations evaluate and implement GRC solutions.

    Understanding how the technology you have supports compliance will enable you to be proactive in dealing with regulatory issues.

    The implementation process includes:

    • Technical installation of the products;
    • Configuration and deployment of the complete GRC suite, including:
      • Analyze and Manage Access Risks,
      • Provision and Manage Users,
      • Design and Manage Roles, and
      • Centralized Emergency Access;
    • Workshops with key business process owners to adjust delivered Segregation of Duties (SoD) risk levels to reflect company's unique requirements;
    • Adjustments of SAP transactions included in the different Segregation of Dutiesdefinitions;
    • Integration custom SAP transactions into company's SoD rule set;
    • Project management and coordination among executive management, IT, business teams, and auditors to obtain input on Segregation of Dutiesrisk levels, and the workflow approval process;
    • Training on SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance and Best Practices;
    • Access risk mitigation across multiple ERPs;
    • Performing Segregation of Duties simulations for role-level and user-level changes to determine the impact of removing sensitive or conflicting transactions.
  • SAP GRC Implementation Intro Webinar

    SAP GRC Implementation Intro Webinar

    Join our webinar to learn about a strong IT governance tool, SAP GRC Product, which helps manage risk and compliance while optimizing efficiency, and strategy goals.

    SAP GRC is beneficial in many ways:

    • Brings cost savings;
    • Activates Risk Management as competitive advantage;
    • Is a Monitoring tool of important KPIs.
    on Wednesday starting on 30 April and ending on 2 July, 2014
    10:00 AM (GMT+04:00) Dubai for 30 minutes

    Download Webinar Preview:

    We care about building a Better Digital Future globally.

  • SAP GRC Product Overview

    By utilizing SAP GRC Product range the organizations gain a clear understanding of the enterprise control matrix, the ability to identify critical control gaps, maximize opportunities to use automated process controls, consolidate to eliminate redundancies, and, ultimately, increase business predictability and shareholder value.

    SAP GRC Access Control

    SAP GRC Access Control provides central management of Segregation of Duties (SOD) and Firefighter IDs access across multiple ERP systems.

    Access Risk
    • Simplifies remediation and mitigation processes;
    • Manages and assigns compensating controls.
    Access Request
    • Enables "Business Concept" within the role design and provisioning process;
    • Automates user provisioning and incorporates Access Risk Analysis into the process.
    Emergency Access
    • Streamlines temporary super-user access by adding workflow;
    • Addresses the issue of managing elevated levels of user access when dealing with an exceptional situation;
    • Enables audit log for actions taken by the user with elevated access.
    Business Role
    • Provides a streamlined and controlled process for the design, development and deployment of compliant roles;
    • Helps at an early stage to ensure that role configuration changes do not lead to access violations in the production system.

    SAP GRC Process Control

    SAP GRC Process Control enables automated monitoring of controls and workflow alerts.

    • Includes monitoring of transactional records and configuration;
    • Provides capabilities around content life-cycle management (CLM).

    SAP GRC Risk Management

    Read more about Risk Management Philosophy, Challenges and Drivers

    SAP GRC Risk Management brings risks and controls together, integrating Access Control and Process Control into a single platform from which the summarized view of business process and their respective automated controls could be reported, evaluated and enhanced.

    • Transforms Risk Management program into a routine of business activities, embedding risk management into the core business processes of strategic planning, execution, monitoring, and analysis.
    • Helps establish Risk Management as a management discipline offering the methods and processes to identify, assess, measure, and monitor risks within the business.

    SAP Help Portal:

  • SAP Human Resources Management Courses

    Course Goals and Objectives:

    You will learn SAP tools to automate, streamline, and extend your ERP HCM processes. The course materials will cover the automaion of an employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes; support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations; how to understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line; attract and hire the right people and make new hires productive quickly; pinpoint where your talent lies and train and cultivate your workforce; align employee goals with your overall business objectives.

      Refresher Level I Essentials Level II Advanced
    Business Process Level: Refresher
    Duration: 1 Day
    Level: Essentials
    Duration: 2 Days
    SAP Human Resources Management Level: Refresher
    Duration: 0.5 Day
    Level: Essentials
    Duration: 2 Days
    Level: Advanced
    Duration: 3 Days
  • SAP Hybris

    The Future of Commerce Today

    SAP Hybris enables businesses to transform how they engage with customers, innovate how they do business, and simplify their technology landscape. With a comprehensive approach to customer engagement and commerce, our solutions unlock opportunities to optimize your customers’ experience and transform your business. We help you drive relevant, contextual experiences across all of your customer touch-points in real-time, so that you can create strong differentiation and build competitive advantage in the Digital Economy. SAP Hybris has helped some of the world’s leading organizations transform themselves in response to changing market conditions and customer expectations – delivering exceptional experiences, adding new channels, evolving their business models, and entering new markets.

    Both leading analyst firms
    rank Hybris “leader” among top 2 or 3

    How can we help you?

    Explore SAP Hybris solutions today. For more information, visit

    SAP C4C

    SAP Hybris Commerce helps businesses around the globe sell more goods, services and digital content through every touchpoint, channel and device.

     SAP C4C

    SAP Hybris Commerce delivers omni-channel commerce solutions: state-of-the-art master data management for commerce and unified commerce processes that give a business a single view of its customers, products and orders, and its customers a single view of the business.

    We believe
    Omnichannel is business
    Marketing is broken
    Customer experience can be improved
    Agility and simplicity will be rewarded
    Industries are transforming
    Content makes the difference
    Data is the fuel

    SAP Hybris Commerce is more than Retail

    Focus Industries

     SAP C4C

    This requires new solutions
    which are dedicated to certain
    industry needs
    to meet customer expectations

    Consumer Manufacturing Life sciences / Healthcare Industrial Manufacturing
    Sports & Entertainment Wholesale Distribution Financial Services
    Retail Fashion Telco
    Media Software Games
  • SAP Hybris Loyalty

    With SAP Hybris you can plan and execute personalized loyalty programs and rewards, capture customer insights through loyalty programs and leverage the insights to deliver relevant loyalty marketing engagements and convert customer into loyal brand advocates.


    • Create multichannel loyalty programs that transform points and rewards into true customer loyalty;
    • Improve customer retention rates and increase customer lifetime values;
    • Encourage brand advocacy and referrals through social channels; and
    • Mobile first approach, so we place a lot of focus on geomarketing and mobile wallets.

    SAP Hybris Commerce Loyalty

    Key Features


    Support custom actions in loyalty rules

    Allows marketer to take custom actions (ex: send an SMS, trigger external system) when rule conditions are satisfied.

    Support for multi-language and multi-currency

    Enables marketer to send offers, emails, so on in the language preferred by consumer.

    Rule status management

    Allows marketer to enable or disable a rule.

    Enhanced enrolment channels

    Allows consumers to enroll for loyalty program based on mobile number too.

    Set maximum points to be accrued in a day per member

    Enables marketer to prevent fraud by setting a maximum threshold on points a member can accumulate in a day.

    Offer integration between Hybris Loyalty and Hybris Marketing

    Enables marketer to define offers in Loyalty system, and import them into Hybris Marketing system for advanced targeting capabilities.

    Offer Management

    Empowers marketer to create and send offers to customers mobile devices or email.

    Geomarketing: iBeacons and Geofences

    Enables marketer to maintain geo-location attributes for sending location based offers.

    Mobile Wallet: Digital loyalty card and coupons

    Liberates consumers from carrying physical loyalty card and coupons.

    Improved user experience

    More enriching and engaging experience while using loyalty solution.

    Hybris Commerce (ECP): Referral, Rating & Review

    Hybris commerce storefront users can now refer friends, provide rating & review.
  • SAP Hybris Roadmap

    SAP Hybris enables businesses to transform how they engage with customers, innovate how they do business, and simplify their technology landscape. With a comprehensive approach to customer engagement and commerce, our solutions unlock opportunities to optimize your customers’ experience and transform your business. We help you drive relevant, contextual experiences across all of your customer touch-points in real-time, so that you can create strong differentiation and build competitive advantage in the Digital Economy. SAP Hybris has helped some of the world’s leading organizations transform themselves in response to changing market conditions and customer expectations – delivering exceptional experiences, adding new channels, evolving their business models, and entering new markets.

  • SAP Hybris Commerce Travel Accelerator

    Connect to a Range of Industry Reservation and Inventory Systems

    SAP Hybris Travel Accelerator

    Based on
    OTA industry standard
    of transport providers:
    air, rail, bus, cruise & ferry

    Key Features:

    Fully responsive storefront featuring a landing page, travel search, fare selection, ancillaries, customer login, passenger details, payment, booking management, flight status, trip finder and customer login/registration.
    Fare selection page with search results and dynamically updating itinerary basket.
    Ancillary selection page with the ability to add supplementary products (flight meal options, seat selector, lounge access, fare upgrades etc.) to the itinerary.
    Ability for customers to login or create an account with a passenger profile complete with preferences.
    Ability for customers to manage their bookings, check flight status, search for past or upcoming bookings and update their profile.
    Integrated Assisted Service Module (ASM) so customer service agents can offer product support and help complete transactions for customers directly from their basket.
    Back office cockpits with business administration interfaces for creating and managing products, flight schedules, bundles, promotions and business rules.

    Key Benefits:

    A first class, consistent customer experience across all channels with seamless transitions between devices.
    Improved conversion rates with fully responsive storefront and context based content management.
    Bundling and promotional capabilities for offers across customer segments and channels.
    Ability to develop IATA NDC direct connect initiatives to agencies, corporates and B2B partners.
    Exceptional customer service and support for complex bookings.
  • SAP Implementation Services

    QARAT SAP ERP as an SAP Business All-in-One package by Vinci is based on SAP Business Suite applications and SAP Best Practices offerings plus hosting service. It also includes rapid-implementation services leveraging the SAP ASAP Focus methodology.

    Midmarket customers need solutions that allow them to quickly react on new market requirements, strengthen customer relationships and optimize their operations in order to achieve sustainable growth. They are looking for business solutions to help them accomplish these goals at a predictable cost of ownership.

    Maximizing value. Minimizing risk.

    • QARAT SAP ERP SAP Business All in One package by Vinci is designed for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to provide an affordable, flexible, and predictable business management solution tailored to specific industry needs.
    • ASAP aka Fast-start program lets the business start with the basics and get quick results.
    • On top of that Vinci SAP Hosting offering will free clients from the need to purchase, maintain and upgrade their own servers.

    Risk is especially high in transactions as data moves from one functional area (or system) to another. That risk is reduced by a high level of integration and standardization of data formats among a firm’s systems.

    QARAT SAP ERP Construction

    Professional Services / Construction

    QARAT SAP ERP Construction is leveraging industry best practices so it provides construction and general contracting companies with an opportunity to utilise reliable solutions and benefit from proven industry experience and world-class technology.

    Visit SAP Qarat Construction webpage

    SAP ERP Trading


    QARAT SAP ERP Trading Template designed specifically for Wholesale and Distribution businesses bringing to your business a complete integration throughout the logistics chain.

    Visit SAP Qarat Trading webpage

    QARAT SAP ERP Manufacturing


    QARAT SAP ERP Manufacturing comes with material and manufacturing resource planning and it is designed with tools that help to facilitate all necessary calculations of material requirements for production planning and safety stock level as well as for capacity, workforce or other direct manufacturing resources.

    Visit SAP Qarat Manufacturing webpage

  • SAP Management Accounting Courses

    Refresher Level I Essentials Level II Advanced
    Business Process

    Procure to Pay
    Order to Cash

    Case Study
    Procure to Pay
    Order to Cash

    Cost Centers

    Master Data

    Master Data CE
    Master Data CC

    + Level I
    Case Study

    Profit Centers

    Master Data

    Master Data

    + Level I
    Case Study
    Monitor Assessment

    Internal Orders

    Master Data

    Master Data

    + Level I
    Case Study
    SD Integration
    Period Close

  • SAP Manufacturing Management Courses

    Course Goals and Objectives:

    The course delivers the knowledge on two types of manufacturing namely Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order. These functionality provide the additional production planning capabilities associated with demand management, material requirements planning, detailed scheduling, capacity planning, serial number management and the integration with the shop flop control functions.
    Additional accounting functionality is provided to deal with the Manufacturing process e.g. Cost Planning where you plan the costs for materials and set prices; Cost Object Controlling where you control the actual costs of manufacturing, and Profitability Analysis where you plan sales, revenue and costs and therefore have data by profitability segment.

      Refresher Level I Essentials Level II Advanced
    Business Process Level: Refresher
    Duration: 1 Day
    Level: Essentials
    Duration: 2 Days
    SAP Manufacturing Management Level: Refresher
    Duration: 0.5 Day
    Level: Essentials
    Duration: 2 Days
    Level: Advanced
    Duration: 3 Days