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  • SAP Consulting

    Our specialist assistance ensures you get the very best out of your SAP application and maximize its value. We deliver firsthand knowledge of SAP’s business & technology innovations as well as provide an expert advise in aligning business processes with IT.

    • Helps you to develop strategies for success
    • Leverages best-practices methodologies and world class project management skills to maximize the value of your software

    Our expertise in best-practice methodologies and world class project management will help you to develop strategies for business success. We setup Best Practices or configure the system and processes and then implement your chosen set of modules. We perform tests to check for failures, migrate the data and provide hyper-care support when your business goes live. As part of maintenance period we make sure SAP system is running as planned.

    SAP Application & Mobile Development & Integration Services

    Puts your strategies into action, quickly and effectively

    Our SAP Application Development and Integration Services can help you retain the value of your applications by delivering service-oriented, enterprise-wide and mobile solutions.

    We use various integration technologies to support application-to-application integration and business-to-business process management among both SAP and non-SAP applications.

    • Delivers firsthand knowledge of SAP's business & technology innovations
    • Brings functional knowledge in the area FI/CO, MM/PP, Procurement, SD, SAP A1

    With our functional experts we offer customized aka on-demand training as well as standard SAP training for the employees to bring them up to speed.

    • Gets the very best out of your SAP solutions
    • Maximizes benefits through process optimization
    • Finds new ways of continues enhancing efficiency

    After performing a current system assessment we deliver the upgrades and improvements needed to accelerate company’s business performance. We study SAP architecture, sizing and coding. We develop a roadmap to implement needed upgrades for your technology and business systems.

    • Lets zero capital investments
    • Lowers operational costs
    • Increases up-time

    We provide application management services for our SAP clients that helps lower the client’s overall cost of their SAP environments and allow customers to concentrate on their core business. With these services we provide clients with the flexibility, cost control and service levels that the business demands from a virtual private cloud model.

  • SAP Optimisation Review Webinar

    SAP Optimisation Review Webinar

    Join our webinar to learn about SAP Finance Optimisation Review offer designed to make World Class Financial Services a reality through high quality delivery of functional expertise, best business practice, and technology.

    on Tuesday starting on 29 April and ending on 1 July, 2014
    10:00 AM (GMT+04:00) Dubai for 30 minutes

    Download Webinar Preview:

    We care about building a Better Digital Future globally.

  • SAP Optimisation Review

    We provide a descriptive review of the main financial services approaches established by the organisation, and perform the evolutions of their effectiveness looking at the balance of people, technology and business processes.

    Finance Management Evolution

    Go from Operational to Strategic

    SAP Optimisation Review

    Operational Efficiency and Control

    Drivers for Change

    • Streamline financial operations
    • Reduce transaction costs of finance
    • Increase responsiveness and timing of information needs

    Enable Business Insight

    Drivers for Change

    • M&A
    • Reorganizations
    • Too much data, too little information

    Create Value

    Drivers for Change

    • Optimize Business Performance
    • Shareholders expectations, guide business decisions

    SAP Finance Optimisation Review by Vinci

    erp consulting

    With our deep expertise and experience we guarantee that we will become familiar with your existing SAP setup as well as business model and advise how to optimise live solutions to meet your changing business needs and help you archive dynamism in such a fast-moving world.

    Make Next Step

    With our SAP Optimisation Review we will be able to provide the expert assistance required to take your solutions to the next level.

    Next Release

    Enhancing your system setup and/or architecture

    Transferring to an entire different platform

    We will help you

    Find new ways of continuously enhancing efficiency.
    Maximize benefits through business process optimization.
    Maintain competitive advantage by implementing SAP developed proven best practices.

    Examples of Recommendations

    How to use new functionality to improve efficiency
    How to move from developments to standard functionality
    How to automate essential business processes by leveraging world class solutions from SAP and certified development partners
    Advice how to align business strategy and its financial operations
    Recommend on how to integrate operational and financial data
    How to monitor and measure the business KPIs against best in class benchmarks
    How to alter closing mindset and reach 3 days month closing schedule

    Benefits of Optimisation review

    A. The timesaving and cost reductions would be significant:

    Productivity Improvements Process Quality Improvements
    Customer Satisfaction Improvements Reduce Working Capital through Better Information
    Improved billing and payment processes More accurate cash management forecasts

    B. Recommendations for short, medium and long term benefits including new technologies and packaged solutions.

  • VAT IT Services, Cloud Solution

    UAE to implement VAT on 1 January 2018

    The UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs, His Excellency Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, has stated that the UAE will implement VAT on 1 January 2018. VAT is expected to be introduced for all the products and services with some limited exceptions including basic food items, healthcare and education. The UAE are planning to implement on 1 January 2018, the other GCC countries may do so at the same time or by 1 January 2019 at the latest.

    SAP VAT IT ServicesWhile the upcoming VAT law will bring considerable economic contribution into the economy of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, there will be not only significant complexity of implementing a new tax system as it has never been tried in the GCC region but also new accountability added to the companies to ensure the tax accurate calculation and proper tax records retention.

    Ultimate Importance of VAT Introduction

    As this VAT implementation will have immediate effects on consumer behaviour which gives opportunities for companies to assess their business direction and to plan strategically. The successful deployment will have the direct impact on the growth and KPIs of the companies.

    Implications on IT Support of Companies

    While it is 100% assurance that new VAT law will affect virtually all functions within a business, including information technology, human resources, procurement, finance and marketing, the implication on IT support will have its irreversible and most profound impact.

    Businesses and merchants will need to incorporate VAT into their existing accounting systems and will need to establish new processes to keep accurate records to demonstrate to the tax authority that they have correctly applied the VAT rules.

    IT systems will form an important part of this process as in any organisations, a fully automated tax engine will be a necessity.

    • Business with existing ERP will have to add VAT module to it.
    • Business without any ERP system but with accounting processes who anticipate low growth will have to add VAT process to it.
    • Business without any ERP system but with accounting processes who anticipate steady and rapid growth will have to consider implementing ERP at the same time and along with VAT introduction to ensure the cost effectiveness.

    Cloud Based VAT IT Services

    The solution will be offered as Cloud solution on pay-as-you-go scheme which will mean minimum or no upfront investment and very economical monthly expenditure for maintenance and support.