• Business eMailManagement

    We offer business email
    at 7$ per email / month
    Wth 3 Emails you will get
    free website hosting.
  • The Customer Engagement on HANA

    Enabling to deliver contextual,
    consistent and relevant experiences
    regardless of channel or device
    throughout the entire customer journey.
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  • The Digital Core Unraveled

    How SAP S/4HANA Enables
    Digital Transformation & Innovation
    in Supply Chain and Manufacturing,
    in Sourcing and Procurement.
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  • Enabling Strategic Seller

    Engage in customer conversations
    Turn sales strategy into action
    Ensure sellers focusing on the right leads
    Make every sales interaction count
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  • The Internet of Things

    Comprehensive solution portfolio
    Pragmatic approach
    Reduced the complexity and risk
    Increased the speed of deployment
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  • Empowering Modern Marketer

    Capitalize on data driven insights
    Make intelligent business decisions
    Deliver engaging customer experience
    across multiple interaction channels
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  • High-Quality Customer Service

    More companies are using SAP technology to handle customer service in an efficient and cost-effective way.
    Learn more about our SAP offerings.
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  • Driving Agility and Speed

    Demand innovation and excellence.
    Gain extensive knowledge and reduce your costs while increasing the time to value.
    Learn more about our SAP offerings.
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Vinci Solutions Barcode We build Better Digital Future Globally.

  • We deliver end-to-end outcome-based business solutions.
  • We ensure that the best business results are delivered.
  • We help reduce complexity in business processes and simplify technology.
SAP Solutions at AWS

We deliver SAP Solutions on AWS with speed and quality.

We are constantly evolving to meet the increasing complexity of connected world. Vinci Solutions are an Amazon Consulting partner who can provide the expertise and know how helping business migrate their SAP Solutions onto the web cloud.

  • Scalable on Demand
  • Redundant 9X% Uptime
  • Opex Cost-Effective
  • ISO 270001 certified
  • Agility
  • Global Reach
  • Pace of Innovation
  • Solution Breadth
  • S/4HANA
  • SAP Business All-in-One
  • SAP Hybris
  • SAP VAT IT Services

    Our Essential Services

    Are you looking at starting your digital journey?

    You can digitize your entire business and beyond with the first digital core for digital business: SAP S/4HANA.

    Now you can go beyond traditional transactions and drive end-to-end digitized processes based on a single source of instant insight
    from planning, execution, prediction, simulation and analysis - all in real time with one SAP ERP system.

    SAP Hybris Configurable Products

    Computing in the Cloud

    SAP Solutions at AWS SAP Solutions at AWS

    Delivering on Cloud - Previously Unimaginable

    We offer a broad range of cloud services to cover our customers’ end-to-end digital transformation journey, ranging from advising on and planning a digital innovation roadmap, to implementing with proven best practices, supporting all deployment models, and optimizing for continuous innovation.

    Digital Imperative

    The Realize the Digital Enterprise

    A Digital Core Designed for 21st Century Business Needs

    We provide value thru our services, allowing our customers to tailor the best approach based on both your current needs and your strategic goals.

    We help our customers succeed in their industries with a speedy adaptation to the digitization era.

    Our SAP Business Services help them develop the agility to meet market challenges, and provide the tools they need to seize new business opportunities, create new business models, and engage their own customers in the most competitive way.

    Vinci Solutions Home

    Risk Management

    Risk Management Philosophy and Challenges

    Risk Management as a compliance exercise;
    Silo-ed risk management processes, leads to duplicate efforts among business units;
    Inconsistent processes and unclear Roles & Responsibilities lead to gaps in risk activities;
    Risk Management not anchored in sound enterprise-wide technology systems, leads to inefficiency and increased costs;
    Risk Management programs fall short by stopping at risk assessments, standalone programs, or conceptual frameworks;
    Risk Management disconnects from business objectives and, consequently, performance management.

    Risk Management Drivers

    Transform Risk Management process from a silo approach to a more coordinated and oriented approach;
    Consolidate risks at higher levels of the organization and evaluate global risk exposure;
    Respond intelligently by focusing on key risks, creating cross-organizational resolution strategies, and tracking response costs;
    Improve visibility and optimize decision making by aligning risks to strategic priorities and business objectives (enhance risk communications to the board);
    Monitor key risks in a proactive way through a standardized and centralized Key Risk Indicator framework.

    Glossary Terms

    Application Programming Interface
    Application Service Provider
    Business Process Management
    Cloud Service Provider
    Infrastructure as a Service.
    A cloud access to infrastructure e.g. computing power, storage and network offered by a service provider on an on-demand basis through the service portal.
    Independent Software Vendor
    The Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
    Describes a practical approach to service management particularly do what works, and adopt a common framework of practices that works.
    Platform as a Service.
    The customer's capability held on the cloud infrastructure, with available, acquired or created using programming languages applications, services, and tools supported by the provider. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems, or storage, but has control over the deployed applications and possibly configuration settings for the applications.
    Recovery Point Objective
    Recovery Time Objective
    Software as a Service.
    Referred to as "on-demand software" provided by ISVs or ASPs, is a software delivery model whereby software and data are located on the cloud machine.
    Quality of Service
    Virtual Infrastructure Management
    Virtual LAN
    Virtual Machine

    SAP Training Programme

    For many years Vinci Solutions's experienced SAP business consultants have been working with projects teams, key users and users on new SAP implementation and on optimization projects. Our consultants have gained extensive experience in developing and training all types of personnel on SAP solutions, and offer a range of courses and services to complement those available directly from SAP.

    SAP Training Programme

    We provide various comprehensive training programs ranging from SAP standard functionality curricula to customized trainings based on management and industry demand, including an overview of SAP ERP, the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform and various ERP-related business processes, as well as additional training on project management and soft skills.

    Levels of Expertise

    We teach three levels of expertise:


    for existing SAP users to provide updates on SAP developments in their respective functions, answer questions, give hints and tips on how to excel in their daily work using SAP functionality.


    for SAP starters, company's newcomers. The course provides an essential knowledge to handle every day' duties at job.


    for existing SAP users with minimum 6 months of experience on job. The course is designed to deliver wider knowledge in particular module with cross-functional touch.


    All SAP training courses are interactive with hands-on simulations of real SAP sessions.



    Vinci Solutions Webinars

    SAP VA Syndication

    SAP VA Syndication