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    Vinci Solutions has won 2016 Middle East Business Awards as BEST SME SAP INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS PROVIDER.

    2016 Middle East Business Awards

    Read press release here 2016 Middle East Business Awards

    Technology Plugged In With Vinci Solutions

    At Vinci Solutions we believe in a swift way of delivery of the IT services with high quality and integrity.
    With increasingly high demand of security, quality of the data and ability to extract business intelligence out of it we are inspired to be top performer to provide best back-end system in the world.
    Our strategy is to become Number 1 Global SAP ERP Deliverer.

    Strong Foundation - Back-End System

    It is digital era we live in now. 2016 year is to shortly be called unprecedented year of the history, an infection point which left information age behind and brought mankind into a new age.
    We have all seen transformative digital layers as front-end products, which are following user-centered design (UCD) practices. Today design and user experience are the main focus of the developers who deliver breakthroughs in application architecture and game-changing user online journeys.
    However the grand part of this success still remains with the quality of the data of the back-end database collected accurately, fully and on-time by ERP system. This is what we do as our best. We setup a foundation, solid pillars, a firm base. We provide a ground work, nuts and bolts as you wish, to the companies to ensure the success of swift start off into their future roadmap with secured strategies of mobility, business intelligence, higher security and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Even though that front-end technologies change and evolve quickly our staff is well trained in the newest products, models and standards.
    We deliver SAP ERP on HANA platform which is the leading product in the market. In-memory technology coupled with comprehensive functionality make this preposition unique and the best choice for the companies willing to go as full-fledged digital in the nearest future.
    SAP ERP Industries of Specialty or Best Practices: Manufacturing, Construction and Trading

    How We Deliver

    In 3-4 months’ time we setup SAP Best Practises at the fixed price. The goal of our work for a back-end system installation is to do it quickly and automatically with less efforts for user testing, which gives more time for master data preparation and migration tasks as well as for the users training. Also our consultants at earlier stage are working closely with front-end designers, which leads to making the final products of digital transformation a reality for our clients significantly sooner. 

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  • The future is here with SAP S/4HANA

    A Digital Core Designed for 21st Century Business Needs

    SAP HANA Platform

    The organisations must rethink business models, business processes and how people work in order to thrive and stay relevant. The only way is to through a breakthrough technology that finally bridges the gaps between operational, transactional and decision making systems. To make this goal as reality, SAP invented the most disruptive pure in-memory column store business platform, SAP HANA.

    The Digital Core:

    A new generation of ERP solutions, running in real time and integrating predictive analytics, Big Data, and mobile, is changing how businesses work and how information is consumed.

    Human Capital Management:

    People with access to digital, consumer-grade technology work smarter, faster, and better.

    SAP HANA Platform:

    A new in-memory computing paradigm is the ultimate simplifier and the platform for innovation and digital business.

    Customer Engagement and Commerce:

    Customers expect simple, seamless, and personalized experiences across any channel. We provide a path for creating the new digital front office.

    Internet of Things:

    The most dramatic change in the digital economy is driven by hyperconnectivity and the science of Big Data, transforming nearly every business model.

    Business Networks:

    Business-to-business transactional efficiencies range from sourcing and transacting to payment processing.

    25 industries:

    What differentiates bestrun companies from average companies? Often, it is industry-specific software. Our best practices, processes, and benchmarking – preconfigured for 25 industries – give business users the exact functionality they need, when and where they need it.

    With SAP S/4HANA,
    Edition for SAP Business All-in-One,
    You can finally Re-imagine Business

    Accelerate Database
    Create Next-Generation
    Deliver More
    Integrate All Types of Data

    Built on SAP HANA database, SAP S/4HANA is SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA, edition for SAP Business All-in-One.

    SAP S/4HANA is a break-through, next generation business suite, a “Digital Core” that provides immediate i.e. real-time insight, intelligence beyond automation, and integration not only between departments but connected to the world. SAP S/4HANA is also complemented with best practices industry verticals and an entire set of solutions to drive business value on the edge of the enterprise such as SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, SAP Ariba, SAP Hybris, and SAP Cloud for Customer.

    Why is SAP S/4HANA a game changer?

    SAP S/4HANA offers a personalized user experience (UX) with the SAP Fiori UX.

    Created and localized specifically for industries and companies of all sizes, the edition for SAP Business All-in-One solutions is designed to deliver immediate value for every business function.

    Powered by SAP HANA

    Business Models:

    Connect to people, devices, Big Data, and business networks in real time to achieve the previously unimagined.

    Business Processes:

    Run end-to-end processes at unprecedented speed, eliminating batch processing through modern in-memory technology.

    Business Decisions:

    Perform powerful predictive analytics and simulations using real-time data.

    User Experience:

    Accelerate user adoption and business value with an intuitive, personalized user experience for every device.

    Solution Deployment:

    Accelerate deployment on premise or with partner managed cloud.

  • Simplify your World through Design

    The Shift from Features to Experience

    Why focus on User Experience?

    Gain Productivity

    Increase User

    Decrease User

    Save Training

    With SAP Fiori platform it is possible to make experience coherent across the enterprise i.e. Finance, Human Resources, CRM, Procurement.

    Via UX Design Services we can create new applications as well as renew and enable existing applications.

    SAP Fiori Lines of Business

    SAP Fiori

    SAP Fiori Launchpad

    SAP Fiori Launchpad is a web-based entry point for SAP business applications across platforms and devices. It will be adopted to corporate branding requirements.

    SAP Fiori Launchpad is a role based, personalized, real-time, and contextual aggregation point for business applications and analytics.
    It runs on multiple devices, using responsive web design, and is deployable on multiple platforms.
    It is designed according to the simple and intuitive SAP Fiori user experience, while supporting established UI technologies.

    Adoption Journey

    SAP Fiori

  • SAP Implementation Services

    QARAT SAP ERP as an SAP Business All-in-One package by Vinci is based on SAP Business Suite applications and SAP Best Practices offerings plus hosting service. It also includes rapid-implementation services leveraging the SAP ASAP Focus methodology.

    Midmarket customers need solutions that allow them to quickly react on new market requirements, strengthen customer relationships and optimize their operations in order to achieve sustainable growth. They are looking for business solutions to help them accomplish these goals at a predictable cost of ownership.

    Maximizing value. Minimizing risk.

    • QARAT SAP ERP SAP Business All in One package by Vinci is designed for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to provide an affordable, flexible, and predictable business management solution tailored to specific industry needs.
    • ASAP aka Fast-start program lets the business start with the basics and get quick results.
    • On top of that Vinci SAP Hosting offering will free clients from the need to purchase, maintain and upgrade their own servers.

    Risk is especially high in transactions as data moves from one functional area (or system) to another. That risk is reduced by a high level of integration and standardization of data formats among a firm’s systems.

    QARAT SAP ERP Construction

    Professional Services / Construction

    QARAT SAP ERP Construction is leveraging industry best practices so it provides construction and general contracting companies with an opportunity to utilise reliable solutions and benefit from proven industry experience and world-class technology.

    Visit SAP Qarat Construction webpage

    SAP ERP Trading


    QARAT SAP ERP Trading Template designed specifically for Wholesale and Distribution businesses bringing to your business a complete integration throughout the logistics chain.

    Visit SAP Qarat Trading webpage

    QARAT SAP ERP Manufacturing


    QARAT SAP ERP Manufacturing comes with material and manufacturing resource planning and it is designed with tools that help to facilitate all necessary calculations of material requirements for production planning and safety stock level as well as for capacity, workforce or other direct manufacturing resources.

    Visit SAP Qarat Manufacturing webpage

  • SAP Lumira, Edge Edition

    Data Discovery and Visualization for Teams and Departments

    SAP Lumira, Edge edition is a software solution that quickly helps teams and departments to better understand data and use it to tell stories that captivate audiences. Running on standard hardware, the solution includes an in-memory engine that speeds up discovery of hidden patterns and outliers using beautiful visualizations and infographics that can be shared throughout the organization.

    Key Functions and Features

    Data discovery using interactive visualizations and charts to convey qualitative and quantitative knowledge
    Access data mashups and content created with SAP Lumira, desktop
    Create data stories with boards, infographics or custom charts that draw the audience’s attention
    Collaboration by viewing, editing, and sharing content in a web browser or mobile device (native app)
    Secure portal – Secure access to content for authorized decision makers

    Speed Time-to-Value with SAP-qualified implementation services SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

    Rapid Deployment Solutions = SAP + Simple + Fast

    Faster than Competition

    Meet Compliance

    Simple Scaleable Speedy

    User Acceptance

    Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) offers a new level of simplicity in deploying SAP solutions that are modular, yet integrated, addressing specific business needs in an industry, line of business or technology topic i.e. Mobile, Cloud, In-Memory, or Analytics.

    • Customers can move forward with clearly priced ans scoped implementation services - measured in just weeks - for maximum solution predictability and lower risk.
    • SAP RDS ensures our clients get just what they need, when they need it, while unlocking a path to future innovation through over 100 pre-integrated, yet modular solutions across LoB, Industry, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Database & Technology (including SAP HANA) solutions.
    • Our customers can choose deployment across all environments - on-premise, cloud, mobile, and hybrid deployments (integrated SAP on-premise and cloud) - to quickly and incrementally adopt new business functionality and innovations within a landscape that is consistent, sustainable and integrated.

    SAP Launch Overview

    The prescriptive, repeatable process enables to rapidly configure, test and launch our cloud solutions with our customers. By using SAP Launch as implementation methodology, we help to ensure project efficiency and customer success.

    SAP RDS Launch Methodology

    Implementation Methodology for Cloud

    "SAP Launch” is the methodology now universal for all SAP software as a service (SaaS) solutions. The SAP Launch methodology is used to implement SuccessFactors, Ariba, Cloud for Customer, Business ByDesign and Cloud for Travel and Expense solutions.

    SAP Launch is THE implementation methodology that is applied universally across all SAP software-as-a-service (SaaS) implementations. It prescribes what implementation activities must be performed and the resulting deliverables.

    The Delivery Toolkit provides solution-specific workshops and tools which guide project team members through how to execute the methodology.

    SAP RDS Launch Methodology

    Quality Gate Objectives

    • The first Q-Gate, Project Verification, ensures that all stakeholders agree about the implementation project scope.
    • At the end of the Realize phase, the Solution Acceptance Q-Gate confirms that all stakeholders agree that the demonstrated business processes meet the implementation project requirements and that all configuration questions are addressed.
    • The Readiness Acceptance Q-Gate is when all stakeholders agree that the systems, data and people are ready to execute cutover.
    • Lastly, the Go-Live Q-Gate confirms with all stakeholders that the cutover is complete and the organization is ready to use and support the new solution productively.

    SAP RDS Launch Methodology

  • SAP S/4HANA Simple Finance

    The SAP S/4HANA Finance to Revolutionize Finance Departments

    • Does your CFO want their finance departments to Become more strategic to the business?
    • Does your CFO want to support the drive for constant innovation?
    • Does your CFO want to Improve decision makers’ “time to action” with real-time, meaningful data?

    SAP S/4HANA Finance is a comprehensive solution powered by SAP HANA for the CFO office that delivers instant insights with on-the-fly analysis across all dimensions of financial data simultaneously without system limitations due to the need for prebuilt aggregates and data marts.

    SAP S/4HANA Finance covers the following areas of finance:

    • Financial planning and analysis
    • Accounting and financial close
    • Treasury and financial risk management
    • Collaborative finance operations
    • Enterprise risk and compliance management

    What SAP S/4 HANA Finance offers:

    • Built-in ability to use prediction, simulation, and analysis to evaluate the financial implications of strategic business options
    • One common view of financial and operational data, to help ensure enterprise-wide consistency and reduce reconciliation time and errors
    • Optimization of business processes
    • Real-time data across all financial dimensions
    • A beautiful user experience
    • On-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployment options and a nondisruptive migration path

    Achieving a One Day Close with SAP Simple Finance. How?

    Eliminate closing tasks

    • Due to architectural or process changes, a closing task may no longer be required.
    • Example: Many reconciliation tasks (like FI vs. CO) are no longer needed in SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA.

    Change closing tasks to real - time execution

    • The closing task is no longer executed separately, but it is integrated in real - time into ongoing business activities.
    • Example: Posting expenses to a cost center will automatically derive profitability information. No more explicit settlement.

    Change closing tasks to continuous execution

    • The closing task is not gone, but much smother / faster. Thus, it can be easily run multiple times within the period.
    • Example: IC Reconciliation on HANA does not need any more batch loading and matching – one can run it every day.

    Accelerate remaining closing tasks

    • Significant reduction in run time. The task may still be executed just once at period end for the hard close.
    • Example: Asset depreciation or calculation of production variances.
  • SAP SME Solutions for growing businesses.

    Everything you need to simply run your business – so you can focus on building it.

    It’s Time to Run Simple With SAP SME Solutions.

    Best Practices

    Rapid Deployment

    Scope Fixed
    Price Fixed
    Time Fixed

    Powered by SAP HANA

    A growing company is an exciting place to be. But new business puts greater demands on your IT infrastructure. You can patch it up, but eventually it becomes more complex, less effective. SAP SME Solutions for growing businesses can help. They’re built specifically for small and midsize companies, and can be tailored to your needs. They are simple to install and use. And they can grow with you. With SAP SME Solutions for growing businesses, you can run with more efficiency, more confidence. It’s time to run simple.

    Let Vinci Solutions put SAP in your hands today.

     SAP SME Solutions

    SAP AnyWhere – For Small Businesses up to 50 Employees
    This HTML solution runs in the cloud, accessible through Web browser, desktop and mobile devices. It helps customers seamlessly manage marketing, sales, and commerce activities in one complete front-office system. Business process options can be purchased individually.
    SAP Business One – For Small and Growing Businesses and Subsidiaries of Large Enterprises
    Delivered including local services and support. Businesses can manage financials, sales, customer relationships, purchasing, inventory, analytics, and operations.
    SAP Business ByDesign – For SME’s of Any Size and Subsidiaries of Larger Corporations
    Complete integrated cloud business management suite: financials, human resources, sales, procurement, customer service, and supply chain.
    SAP Business All-in-One – For Midsize Companies
    Comprehensive, integrated and industry specific ERP solutions. SAP partners offer qualified solutions for niche industry segments.

     SAP SME Solutions

    • SAP has a solution to perfectly fit SME customer’s needs.
    • Our Customers can choose from on-premise or cloud deployments.
    • SAP has solutions that address specific business needs, whether our customer is a single or multi-entity company.
    • All the solutions are powered by SAP HANA.
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