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    We are an international, passionate team of SAP consultants with a proven record of managing SAP rollouts, implementations and consulting projects. We are committed to bring the depth of SAP software expertise to the job.

    At Vinci Solutions we feel that our services whether rapid SAP All In One Implementation or various IT consulting represent what we consider to be very best expert assistance for your business success.

    Our Philosophy

    Effective knowledge transfer is at the heart of our philosophy, our clients can count on gaining the skills required to take full control of IT environment reducing total cost of ownership and maximizing return on investment.

    From solution planning to implementation and ongoing operations, when you partner with Vinci Solution, you can be sure of getting the right advice for your business, no matter where and when you need it.

    SAP Managed Services

    Reduce IT Costs

    Reduce the production costs of running IT services in-house.

    We provide sufficient skill set, technology solutions and maintenance support services to help you to save money, and win the competitive market.

    QARAT SAP S/4HANA Solutions

    SAP Fast-Track

    Have a system that has a flexibility to adopt as your business expands.

    We provide the fast-start program for Small and Midsize Companies by creating affordable and flexible solutions. We help you to obtain an estimate of SAP project costs and implement the solution quickly and cost-effectively.

    SAP Optimisation Review

    SAP Optimisation

    Achieve a better balance between people, process, information and technology.

    We can help you today as it is the right time to optimize your business processes and maximize the potential of your existing SAP system and make them work together in sync. As a result of our SAP Optimisation Review you will embrace more SAP functionality to empower other business processes.

    SAP Training Programs

    SAP Training

    Target to address users’ justifiable concerns and improve their use of SAP through SAP Training Programs.

    Through knowledge transfer and staying close to the customer's core team we aim to help you achieve real self-sufficiency.

    SAP GRC Implementation

    Governance Risk

    Secure Financial Applications Systems for SOX Compliance.

    Implementing four components of SAP GRC Access Control:

    • Access Risk Analysis (ARA) aka Compliance Calibrator
    • Access Request Management (ARM) aka Access Reinforcer
    • Emergency Access Management (EAM) aka Firefighter
    • Business Role Management (BRM) aka Role Expert
  • IT Life Cycle

    We utilize the best practice (The Information Technology Infrastructure Library) that represents the learning experiences and thought leadership of the world’s best-in-class service providers. It is a successful concept which enable organizations to deliver benefits, return on investment and sustained success in IT projects.

    Strategic Consulting Services

    Expert Advice Right From the Start

    We work hand in hand with our clients to define and enhance organization's long-term business strategy. We give assistance and recommendation on IT solutions that work in sync with business strategies.

    How do we work?

    We show precisely what will happen when new software, hardware or process is introduced, and we draw up a sound business case and governance structure for proposed projects, ensuring that budget-conscious executives have a solid basis for important decisions.

    By scrutinizing the required IT infrastructure behind company's mission-critical operations, our professionals can pinpoint potential hazards at an early stage, and propose effective ways to minimize risk. We analyze client's IT expenditures, revealing the key cost drivers and their root causes, and give client the means to get the most out of their budget.

    • Development of IT and Business Strategies
    • High-Level planning and design of solutions and architectures
    • Evaluation and selection of implementation methodologies
    • Analysis of benefits, risks, and costs

    Solution Delivery Services

    Implement and Integrate

    Our solution delivery services help you to plan the flexible system architectures and solution map required to master the challenges today and tomorrow. As next step, leveraging tried-and-tested tools and techniques, our end-to-end implementation offering provides the skills to put IT theory into practice, quickly and efficiently.

    Additionally, we perform custom-development and integration tasks to bespoke and streamline our client's processes, programs, and platforms.

    • Detailed planning and design of solutions and architectures
    • Development of blueprints for enterprises solutions
    • Analysis and design of technical architectures
    • Implementation support
    • System integration
    • Customer-specific development

    Operations Services

    Change for Better

    Nowadays adaptability is the key to surviving and thriving. Our operations services optimize live solutions to meet client's challenging needs, helping to achieve dynamism without jeopardizing dependability.

    Along with fine-tuning existing applications we also provide the expert assistance required to rake the solutions to the next advanced level. If our client is moving to a new release, enhancing the system architecture, or transferring to an entirely different platform, our upgrade and migration services ensure that changeovers deliver maximum benefits with minimum hassle.

    • Fine-tuning and process enhancements
    • Optimization of operations
    • Ongoing enhancements of solutions and technology platforms
    • Migrations and upgrades
    • Optimization of system landscape

    Life-Cycle Management Services

    Total Coverage For Total Solutions

    As IT professionals we assume responsibilities for both business and technical aspects of client's solution, enhancing processes and streamlining operations for optimum, trouble-free performance from your IT environment.

    Our dedicated quality and risk management services are designed to help to get maximum value from running projects, while avoiding costly pitfalls. Our team also performs security assessments, and progress reviews to make sure that client's projects are staying on track having proper attention from the management.

    If it is related top organization change and development, we enable the client to keep IT infrastructure in step with the strategic goals. On top, we offer the advice and assistance to manage most complex projects helping to monitor multiple goals, anticipate problems, and bring the solutions, and delivering ongoing feedback via a single point of contact.

    • Quality and risk management
    • Projects reviews
    • Ongoing process and system, optimization
    • Program and project management

    Redefining Outsourcing

    In today's fiercely contested markets, there's no room for costly and inflexible IT. The software solutions, technology deployed and human capital expertise, which are underpinning your mission-critical processes, must deliver on their promises. That is why nowadays the enterprises place their trust in IT Outsourcing, the 21st Century' leading concept, to ensure availability, quality and diversity of IT resources.

    There is more to a complete IT Outsourcing contract than a software, hardware and SLA. It takes specialist advise and assistance to get the very best services from your outsourcing partner.

    in UAE

    is a common delivery model for many business applications including customer relationship management (CRM), management information systems (MIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM), content management (CM) and service desk management.

    The biggest selling point for this model is its potential to reduce IT operational costs and capital investments by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to an IT provider with relevant expertise.

    Our choice of outsourcing partner turned out to be the right one: despite the time constraints, the implementation was on time, within budget, and of high quality.

    Why outsource your IT?

    • Supports entire business;
    • Supports for greater efficiency and effectiveness;
    • Reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs;
    • Brings standardized business processes;
    • Ensures scalable and flexible technology and software solutions;
    • Minimizes risks of availability and uptime.

    Why Vinci?

    As part of our mission we provide cloud solutions that are end-to-end portfolio, elastic, on-demand and flexible.

    Our comprehensive product service list encompasses the entire business solution life cycle. During the planning stage, we provide the research and analysis required to reach sound strategic IT decisions. Our experts ensure that your software, required hardware and associated change management solutions are delivered on time, on scope, and on budget.

    Once your set of solutions are in place, software and hardware optimization process kicks off to make sure all deliver maximum value during ongoing operations.

    At all stages, we give you the facts and figures needed to mitigate risk, minimize total cost of ownership (TCO), and maximize your return on your investment (ROI).

    "With a matter of weeks, the team from Vinci successfully piloted a demanding project and truly established itself as a strategic partner."

    Our capabilities include:

    • Database Administration;
    • ERP Solution Maintenance and Administration (SAP ERP, SAP CRM/SRM, SAP GRC);
    • Operating System Upgrades and Administration;
    • System Backup and Recovery;
    • Systems Management Tools.

    SAP Outsourcing & Remote Support Service

    Vinci Solutions provide a full fledged SAP outsourcing services as well as a remote SAP support service that offers rapid expert advice to ensure you see fast return on your investment. Both offerings will cut out the additional costs and time delays of finding special skills and necessary experience and bringing them in and up to speed.

    SAP Outsourcing

    Prior taking the maintenance and support services contract on, our SAP business experts will build a detailed map of your SAP environment and business processes. This knowledge and gathered functional and technical details will ensure that we are always able to provide you with a high level of quality support and respond to your queries faster.

    "Through the close collaboration between SAP consulting, product development, and support, we now have an IT solution that secures our investment long term.

    SAP Remote Support

    This is the highest level of service to our customers who will benefit from the support of our SAP experts with hands on experience. Questions and issues are sent in an "as required" manner and answered by Vinci Solutions support consultant with speed, accuracy and completeness.

    Getting it right -
    Using proven tools and methodologies.

    Best practices available as :

    Why to UAE?

    Since its independence, when the UAE made its ongoing commitment to maintaining peace, stability and security in region, UAE has been enjoining an enviable degree of political stability, unequaled in the region.

    UAE has gained a reputation of the country that has achieved a balance between promoting and protecting the business environment on one hand, and instituting efficient operational procedures on the other, so that UAE reaches up the international level.

    Benefits of running business in UAE:

    • Low operational costs but with high attention to quality of service;
    • Security & Stability in economical and political environment;
    • Government Support;
    • Dubai Expo 2020 as a key meeting point for the global community.
  • SAP AWS Managed Services


    AWSVinci Solutions are an Amazon Consulting partner who can provide the expertise and know how helping business migrate their IT services and application to the cloud. Our solution architects have a wealth of experience in supporting our customer’s needs. we offer a wide range of professional services from Proof of concept to full service rollout with project management.

    While deploying and running your SAP landscape on AWS we ensure the best practices for achieving optimal performance, availability, and reliability, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Small and medium companies are starting to recognise clear advantages of hosted SAP solution as the financials investment and overhead of owning, maintaining server and applications in house is significant.

    SAP S/4HANA / Business All-in-One by Vinci Solutions is a fully hosted solution where we deploy the solution and provide on-going support; you simply lease our services for an annual fee.

    Strategically, virtualization leads inexorably down a path to agility, flexible sourcing and cloud computing. ~ Tom Bittman, Gartner

    Why with Us

    Host SAP with us and you will gain a full IT services ranging from deploying SAP Solutions to on-going support. That way you will minimize IT staff dedicated to supporting on-site SAP business solutions.

    You host SAP system with us which will allow your application architects and managers to work on innovations that will help the company's bottom line. We will plan and design scalable architectures to help reduce operational costs such as maintenance expenditures. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) will address issues such as how problems will be escalated to the provider and eventually resolved in a timely fashion. It will include disaster recovery plans and uptime requirements.

    How is SAP hosted solution deployed and supported?

    • We host the software on our servers, and your users access it remotely via the internet.
    • Each of our customers will have their own dedicated server and database of their choice with full transaction logging and security enabled.

    Benefits of an SAP hosted solutions are:

    Secure, proven, reliable data
    Server with 99% plus performance uptime.
    Minimal up-front investment
    You have no expensive hardware start-up costs. You get all the infrastructure and services in a flat annual fee
    High quality service at low cost
    You get the benefits of powerful hardware, network infrastructure, software upgrades, expert technical staff, and security solutions that many mid-companies could not afford to maintain on their own.
    Expert technical and SAP consultancy services
    Vinci Solutions technical support is provided to resolve any Server or SAP related problems. Professional Services are available as a separate service to help you further enhance your SAP functionality, or provide training.

    Act Today

    • Your business will have a flexible, manageable application environment with benefits of a service-oriented architecture and shared infrastructure.
    • Your SAP application will be based on a highly reliable and lower cost systems-based platform.
    • With SAP Business All in One Template solution your business will be up to the functional level of modern applications.

    Fast Deployment and Hosting

    We specialize in setting up industry template solution based on SAP Best Practices. In 3-4 months you will get full-fledged scope of system solutions covering an entire supply chain. We deliver the following industries' setup: